Grand Prize Winners!


Round 3 winners!

Tyler Griffith

Category: Male Advanced

Tyler Griffith - Guelph

"Always one for routine and structure, Tyler took his career skills as a structural engineer and put them towards transforming his body into one of the most impressive natural physiques we've seen in quite a while! "

Tyler Lost 15 lbs!

Kelly Walker

Category: Female Advanced

Kelly Walker - Barrie

"The support I have received from the Barrie Body Systems has been encouraging, educational and provided me not only with an achieved goal, with a reinforcement to continue a balanced lifestyle in the future."

Kelly Lost 26 lbs!

Kasman Monrose

Category: Male Beginner (Tie)

Kasman Monrose - Cambridge

"The idea of fitness had always been on his mind, but working full time while raising 4 kids, motivation to use that membership never blossomed. It wasn't until his father's failing health forced him to face his future... a future where he planned on being there for his kids."

Kasman Lost 33 lbs!

Rob Shire

Category: Male Beginner (Tie)

Rob Shire - Kingston

"An avid online gamer, Rob's sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle was brought on by a decade of unfortunate situations... and before he knew it, Rob was overweight, out of shape and unhappy with himself. After figuring out a workout routine and nutrition plan that best worked for him, he knuckled down and got to work!"

Rob Lost 66 lbs!

Tonia Veri

Category: Female Beginner

Tonia Veri - Guelph

"Tonia put on 80lbs during her pregnancy and has fought the "battle of the bulge" ever since. With fluctuations in her weight also affected by many food sensitivities, she was frustrated with the constant yo-yo scale numbers."

Tonia Lost 18.7 lbs!

Round 2 winners!

Nicola Turcotte

Category: female beginner

Nicola Turcotte - Kingston

"In high school, my perception of healthy eating was significantly distorted and at one point I only ate 500 calories or less per day. Eventually I went from eating too little to eating too much. Soon enough I was in my second year of college and weighing over 250lbs. I realized I needed a change."

Nicola lost 42.7 lbs!

Peter Zanon

Category: male beginner

Peter Zanon - Cambridge

"This has been a significant year for my family. My daughter was getting married in July. Late in April, I was measured for my tuxedo. This was a catalytic moment of change for me. It forced me to confront and examine the effects depression and stress were having on me."

Peter lost 44 lbs!

Steph Schairer

Category: female Advanced

Steph Schairer - Guelph

"Reluctantly, I debated all the reasons why I wouldn’t be successful in the challenge. Pen in one hand and Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplements in the other, I signed my name and grabbed hold of the reigns that would stay my focus to recovery."

Steph Lost 21 lbs!

Nick Mailloux

Category: male Advanced

Nick Mailloux - Barrie

"Lately at the gym, I have found people approaching me and asking what my fitness secret is? It’s funny they ask, because not long ago It felt I was asking the same questions. Now with the help of Body Systems, I was able to break it down for myself and now I get to tell others."

Nick Lost 13 lbs!

Round 1 winners!

Ashley St Jean

Category: female beginner

Ashley St Jean - kingston

"I entered the challenge because when I have incentive, it's a little bit easier to stay on track. And with the staff at Body Systems always having their doors wide open for a million and one questions every visit, it was like someone was physically there with me every step of the way."

Ashley lost 38 lbs!

Ricardo Cervi

Category: male beginner

Ricardo Cervi - kingston

"What an experience! I don’t recognize myself anymore, I feel like it’s my birthday! I feel rejuvenated, energetic and so alive!"

Ricardo lost 51.4 lbs!

Ami Harrington

Category: female Advanced

Ami Herrington - Belleville

"I want to show my girls that it is a good thing to become both mentally and physically strong and that we should set goals in life."

AMI got shredded!

Andrew Flynn

Category: male Advanced

Andrew Flynn - Guelph

“I am happy to say that the Body Systems 90 Day Transformation Challenge is the best thing I could have done and I am so happy that I did. It’s amazing to feel healthy and happy and like my old self once again.”

Andrew changed his life!